Welcome to the Insurance Ninja dojo!

Hello everyone, my name is Aaron Jensen.  Welcome to the Insurance Ninja Dojo, where I will teach you how to kick insurance butt!

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If you’re like me, insurance in general can be really frustrating and overwhelming.  These days, it’s so hard to know if you are paying the right price for the right coverage.

On this site I will go through the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past 8 years that can help you save money, or save yourself from the unexpected.

I will also be sure to talk about news in the industry and trends that we all should be aware of, so you can stay on top of the insurance game.

A little about my journey here and why I want to help…

I have been working in the insurance and financial industry since 2009 in Denver, CO.  I’ve done it all from auto, home and business insurance to risk analysis with financial planning.

Working for several insurance carriers in many different positions has lead me to realize that so many of us are being taken advantage of.  Usually, it is just because we don’t know how insurance works while we’re mislead or misdirected by the information we’re given.

With all of the pressure put on agents and producers to write business, it is hard to know they are doing what’s right for you and not their pocketbook.  Pushy sales tactics and recommendations may force us into products we don’t need if we’re not well informed.

That’s why I have designed this site: to educate and prepare anyone who may feel this way or who wants to know more.  Knowledge and understanding is the best weapon you can use to feel confident and stress free when handling your insurance options.

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Keep learning and keep asking the right questions so you too can be an Insurance Ninja!  Thank you for visiting and if you ever have questions or concerns that I did not touch on in my posts, please feel free to contact me at: aaron@insuranceninjadojo.com or find us on Facebook at Insurance Ninja Dojo.



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