6 Replies to “Auto insurance rates going up? Here’s why.”

  1. Great advise, thank you and I will be checking the coverages I have with my agent soon as renewal date is in April.

  2. Hi there AJ
    thanks for your tips on insurance, sometimes I blame careless drivers for hiking up the insurance prices or do we have to blame the uncompromising insurance companies?
    Im a safe driver, have always been, my last ticket is over 20 years ago so I never take it lightly when the prices keep going up.
    Another insurance which really is overpriced (at least here) is the health insurance, I pay equivalent of $400 per month on health insurance and this in my opinion is just crazy.
    Will follow your tips and try to shop around and see if there is anything cheaper out there, even 2 figures saved per month makes a difference in a year.Very informative, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Roamy! Thanks for reading my post and I really appreciate the feedback. Rates have been increasing for all kinds of reasons but you are right that careless and distracted drivers are part of the biggest problem we face. Also many drivers don’t carry coverage and the people that do end up paying for their mistakes. Health insurance is extremely expensive and the sad part is, rising health care costs are also raising car insurance along with it. Insurance companies have to pay for injuries and medical so when that gets more expensive they pass it along to everyone. I will be posting some information on health insurance as soon as possible but it’s a lot to put together so give me some time. I would love you to stop back by and I’ll be sure to keep some great content coming, let me know if you have any other questions and good luck out there!

  3. Hi AJ! I found the reasons why you auto insurance could be going up very interesting. It sounds like it differs by state, and probably also by the insurers. Do some of the insurers weigh certain issues heavier than others? I remember when I first moved to Arizona from Washington state I was amazed at the increase in rates (it was almost double). I asked the insurance agent and they mentioned that auto theft was really high in the zip code we lived in and that was the biggest driver of the increase. That was almost 20 years ago, but I think the issues must also change over time.

    Your tips for keeping rates down will come in handy when I talk to my agent. I feel like the rate just keeps creeping up every time I get my renewal notice. Frustrating!

    1. Hi Jen!
      Thanks for the feedback and I can definitely understand your frustrations. It definitely will vary by state as to the issues that cause rate changes. They even rate by zip code or neighborhood so if you live in a higher “theft” area you will usually pay more for coverage’s related to theft. Here in Colorado we have major issues with Hail and Uninsured drivers (although this is getting more common everywhere) so we pay quite a bit for comprehensive and Uninsured motorist on our policies. The average rate in CO for full coverage is $100/month on a car so hopefully that makes you feel a little better about your current rate 🙂 Keep learning and ask questions or your agent or carrier and that will make sure you are getting the rate you deserve. Good luck out there and thanks for your input!

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